I’m sorry, Record of Agarest War Zero …

… but I think I’m going to have to pull you from the line-up. Without even loading you up for about the month that I said that I’d play you.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Limited has arrived, and is just waiting for me to go home, pick up, and play it. I still want to finish Oblivion — I’m running as Angel through the Shivering Isles right now, and once I finish that main quest line I’m going to hop back and finish off a few quests there — and so it will demand some of my time. And the hockey playoffs are about to start so I think I’ll try slotting a PS2 game in there since it’s easy for me to play on the PS2 and watch TV at the same time, which isn’t true of the PS3 or the PC. So you just don’t fit into my plans at the moment.


(BTW, I ordered the game along with Russell Blackford’s book “Freedom of Religion and the Secular State”. The game’s arrived in about two weeks. The book hasn’t shipped yet. Come on, Russell … get some better service in Canada, would ya? [grin])

One Response to “I’m sorry, Record of Agarest War Zero …”

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    […] after putting Record of Agarest War Zero aside for a while, mostly because I needed to grind a bit to beat a boss, I started over, made Friedlinde happier, […]

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