Let me start planning now …

… because I’m going to need a few hundred hours in the not-too-distant future.

Here is an article about the future of the Persona series. You know, the series that contains Persona 3 and Persona 4 that I’ve played for over 500 hours combined? Well, here are the highlights:

  • They’re porting Persona 4 to the Vita with some updates. Not a big deal for me except that if the Vita is backwards compatible with the PSP then I could have the updated versions of P3 and P4.
  • There will be a Persona 5, but it will take a while. So that’s part of the future few hundred hours.
  • More revelant to the near future, P4 Arena is coming out, which is a 2D fighter made by the BlazBlue team that continues the story of P3 and P4. It also includes Mitsuru and Chie, two of my favourite female characters ever. It comes out in August. I wanna play it now [grin].

I just purchased Contiuum Shift Extend from BlazBlue — just waiting for it to arrive — and if it’s as good as people say Arena will be awesome, and if they can make Persona 5 as interesting as the previous two then that’ll be awesome as well. I think my gaming might be locked up for a while in the near future [grin].


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