So, since I’ve gotten rid of cable and now mainly watch DVDs, one of the few shows that I still watch on TV is “Canada’s Worst Handyman” (in re-runs). And on two recent seasons I’ve seen the work of these handypersons be criticized as “Amateur”. Um, hello? These are amateurs. If I was on that show — and my handy skills are probably bad enough that I’d qualify — and if the expert called my work amateur, I’d immediately point out that I am an amateur, and so it probably should look that way, at least until I’d done it enough times to really get good at it.

I also seem to recall that one of the times it was said it was aimed at the guy who came into “rehab” unable to even do a job without a massive stress overload. For him, being called “amateur” is, in fact, a compliment.

Just one of the oddities that I see when I watch TV. We now return to “The Real Ghostbusters”.


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