Radio killed the radio star …

So, I’ve started listening to CDs on the way to work and back.

Now, this might not seem all that different, but it marks a major change for me. For what has to be at least the past 5 years, I’ve been listening to the radio. I started listening to one radio station all the time, but then ended up hating their morning show. Essentially, the tone just evolved into being way too “dirty” for me. Now, I’m not quite a prude, and can even enjoy some more risque jokes, but the morning I decided that I had had enough was the morning where there was a significant part of the show going on and on about sex. At that time in the morning, I really didn’t want to have that much sex talk; it just didn’t fit the attitude I had as I was heading to work.

So, I switched to Bob FM. Now, I’d listened to it before, but had hated one of the presenters, who shall remain nameless. Sandy Sharkey just wasn’t the sort of person that I enjoyed listening to. But they had a mix of good music and J.R. actually managed to play a good straight man to her kookiness, and so I settled in and enjoyed it. Afternoons, I could tolerate Steve Gregory but he wasn’t one of my favourites. Not only was he a bit kooky, but he also managed to drag anyone who was with him there as well. But it was okay.

Later, when I started working later into the evening, they got a new DJ called Vinny White, who was certainly also kooky — at this point, I might have to start calling them “characters” — whom I really liked. He was a character, but he was an entertaining one. It was rare with him that I was tempted to roll my eyes at him just “talking stupid”, which was often the case for Sandy or Steve.

So, I settled in to this, and even started listening to that radio station at home. Things were good.

But then J.R. went off to the business side, and they started having to find people to fill in. I forget who was first, but at some point Stuntman Stu came on and they added their sound guy Hammer on, and it was okay because Stu could play the straight man well — although I felt the others interrupted his comments far too much since they were generally more interesting than anything the others had to say — and so it fit in. But then he left to go to another morning show on another station, and Vinny White moved down and Melanie Adams moved in from another station. And I actually liked the both of them, and found that they had a really good chemistry together, in that their radio personas played well off each other, even if that was played as them generally disagreeing with each other. But four people fighting for mike time was getting a bit overwhelming. And due to various circumstances, Vinny White left, Hammer is now gone, and Cub Carson has come on to work with Sandy and Melanie.

Now, Cub Carson used to do evenings on another radio station, and I really liked him there. But he came on to Bob FM for weekend afternoons, and I found that his style again didn’t suit what I wanted out of weekend afternoons, so I stopped listening weekend afternoons. Turns out that his style doesn’t suit me for mornings either. And so, what we have are two people I don’t really want to listen to and one I do. That’s getting to be far too much in the dislike column for me to bother.

And the afternoons have added Cody Jeffries … and I don’t care for her much either. Adding her to Steve Gergory, then, makes them mostly unbearable. So that’s out. She also does weekend afternoons, so take that off the list. I think she used to do evenings, but haven’t bothered to check that either.

So the only times that I can actually listen and not be annoyed by the DJ are weekend mornings — since I could listen to Kristin Marand all day, which makes it a shame that she isn’t replacing someone on the morning show — and the later morning show since I like Milky. I don’t listen to the radio when Milky is on for other reasons, so that leaves weekend mornings. Which is not the time that I’m driving to and from work, generally.

So since I want to listen to something, that leaves CDs. And so I now listen to CDs and not the radio anymore. And it’s radio’s own fault.


2 Responses to “Radio killed the radio star …”

  1. Moe Says:

    What radio program doesn’t Cody Jeffries host??? She is constantly in my face. Or my ears. She needs to get a life.

  2. verbosestoic Says:

    Probably a good idea, then, that my strategy was to switch to CDs instead of switching radio stations [grin].

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