Soundtrack CDs are my Kryptonite …

So I just ordered this game. Partly because it is described as being a fighting game with a deep story, and I love me stories. But I also got this and the specifically the limited edition — which costs more — because it comes with these extras:

* BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend for PS3
* 40-page art book
* soundtrack CD
* A BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend 2012 calendar

Well, the game is nice, and I have looked at art books before, and a calendar is kinda “meh” but … hang on, I get a soundtrack CD?!? Sign me up!

The number of games where either one of the reasons for buying it or the reason I went for the more expensive version was because I would get a soundtrack that I could listen to is significant. And often the only thing that I actually use out of the whole package is the soundtrack CD (The Witcher 2, I’m looking at you here!). Soundtrack CDs are my Kryptonite. And unlike Power Girl Galatea from the Justice League cartoons, Kryptonite is not my Kryptonite.


One Response to “Soundtrack CDs are my Kryptonite …”

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