Well she used to look good to me …

… but now I find her … simply irresistible.

I had talked before about some facts about how men are attracted to women, and this is carrying on in the same vein. I pretty much literally had an experience like that Robert Palmer song lyric. At work, I interacted with a woman from another group. I’d always thought that she was kinda pretty, to be honest, but not gorgeous. She moved on to other products, and so we didn’t see each other for what had to be over a year. Well, recently I moved to another floor where that group was sitting, and at one point I headed to the coffee station and say an incredibly attractive woman there, and I wondered — as is my wont — who she was.

And then she started talking to me.

Yep, it was the woman I used to know. She looks a lot better now than she used to, and as I said she didn’t look bad then. And it seems that there were only small changes that added up to that. Her hair might have been a little longer. She stopped wearing glasses (which is usually something that reduces my interest, not increases it). She might have changed her style of dress a bit. But she definitely moved from “pretty” to “gorgeous”.

This isn’t the only case I’ve seen of this. Another woman I know made a far more radical change after being promoted, dramatically changing her style of dress and hair style, and went from being kinda meh to being, at least in my opinion, incredibly attractive. In high school, another girl added glasses and cut her hair, and changed her style of dress, and it was the consensus of me and my friends that she looked a lot better that way.

But as you can tell, the changes were in some cases dramatic and some cases subtle, and if we compare the cases a lot of them seem to be diametrically opposed to each other. What gives? Well, attraction is less about any sort of universal trait — ie wear glasses and look better or grow your hair longer and look better — but abouthow your style suits you, and how it suits your body type and your personality. As another example, I generally prefer petite women, and yet there are a number of taller and heavier women that I find quite attractive because their styles suit them; they look good in what they’re wearing. In fact, I noted to friends once when we started talking about attraction that there was one woman that objectively was probably too heavy to be really attractive, and yet I found really attractive — more so than some other, more classically/objectively attractive women — because her style suited her so well.

Style, poise and carriage all contribute to attractiveness, and so when trying to attract one must always keep in mind what your style is saying both about your personality and about how it compliments your body style. Proving yet again that even “shallow” considerations can be remarkably deep when analyzed.


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