From Ice to Fire?

Well, I’m still working my way through “A Song of Ice and Fire”, and am on the fourth book. It was a long, slow, slogging — and almost slugging — match in the third book; I was debating whether I’d finish, and debating whether I should try to sell them since I couldn’t see myself reading them again (and I usually re-read books and re-watch DVDs, so that’s a really bad sign). And then, right at the very end of book three … I started enjoying it. I’m not really sure why. I think the simplified politics of the Wall interested me, and those characters interested me more than the others. The field was narrowing a bit as well, giving me less time away from what was interesting. But other than that it isn’t clear why I just started enjoying it again.

So, now I’m on the fourth book, and it’s still fairly interesting, almost on par with the first. We’ll see if that continues.


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