What Type of Philosopher Am I?

I was musing yesterday that philosophy can be said to be at least one of the things that I do, which led me to think that I could say that I’m a professional philosopher. But that didn’t seem right, since I don’t get paid to do philosophy and instead get paid to write computer software. So, then, I guess I’m an amateur philosopher. But that didn’t seem right either, since I am trained and have some qualifications. Amateur philosopher tends to imply someone without formal training or qualifications, but someone who simply picks it up and works at it ad hoc. I’m not ad hoc enough to be an amateur philosopher, I think. So, then, what type of philosopher am I? And then, as in so many things in life, Sam & Max provided the answer:

Verbose Stoic: Freelance Philosopher.

(I’d say I work for hits, but I think that would be misinterpreted [grin]).


One Response to “What Type of Philosopher Am I?”

  1. aleanation Says:

    any self-respecting intellectual is a philosopher to some degree

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