Happy now?

I have read in a number of places that while Muslims often say that Islam is a religion of peace and doesn’t promote violence they spend far more time criticizing people who draw cartoons of Mohammed than those who commit violence in the name of Islam.

Well, in reaction to the convictions for honour killing in the Shafia trial, a group of Imams issued a fatwa against honour killing, applying all across North America. So, is that good enough?

Also note that I first saw the story on CBC, and they had an academic on saying that he doesn’t think it will help because this has already been done in the U.K. and the U.S. and it didn’t reduce the numbers. So this isn’t even that uncommon on this specific issue.

Which raises the question of how much those who follow Islam have to deny that they actually believe that before we accept that at least some of them don’t believe in things like honour killings and terrorism?


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