Cap it off …

So, I have, and wear, a NY Islanders cap.

I became a fan of the team back when they went on their Cup run, and they’ve always been one of my favourite teams since then. If they aren’t playing Ottawa or Edmonton, I’m pretty much going to be cheering for them instead of the other team. The logo is also actually pretty nice. Since it’s now a good idea for me to wear hats when I go outside in the sun, I needed to actually buy some. I picked up an Ottawa one, but since I like good Ottawa caps better than Islander caps and my last one got pretty discoloured from sweat, I decided to wear the Islanders cap more of the time, for when I was going out but when I was just going out to wander around.

I have gotten a lot of comments on that cap, more than I ever got for Ottawa caps. Well, three, but that’s still pretty odd. I guess it’s because you don’t see a lot of them around here; it’s special and stands out.

And they’re still nice caps.


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