Story versus Playstyle …

So, I started playing The Old Republic, and created two characters. Which is a small number for me, actually; usually at this point I’m up to 3 or 4 at least. Anyway, I have a male human Jedi Knight and a female Chiss Imperial Agent, and there are clashes between my enjoyment of the story and, it seems, my playstyle. I haven’t had too much trouble up to level 7 with my knight, and while I like the story it’s just okay. On the other hand, I’ve been dying continually with my agent but find that I really like her story. I’m getting better at the cover stuff, I think, but I’m still not good at it and am now at a spot where I think I have to grind or find new missions to gain a level to finish off at least part of her story mission, since I keep dying to the boss. I could, I suppose, try to find a group but I don’t care much for that. I also wonder if I’ve missed a companion somewhere along the line.

Could TOR run into a problem where the stories people like best don’t fit their playstyles? I’m not sure. The stories fit the classes and the playstyle for the class does seem to fit what you’d expect, so I’m sure I’m an outlier. But it is getting a bit annoying.

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