I like you, but you’re too demanding …

So, I’ve been playing Oblivion and Record of Agarest War Zero for the past few weeks, and while I still like the former, the latter is starting to annoy me. I screwed up one of the first influence runs with the girl that I think I’ll like, and now in the first “dungeon” I’m finding that I need to grind to get through the final battle, but I have no idea how strong I need to be and the fights themselves are not quick little ones, but ones with lots of enemies so that I have to a lot of actions before it ends. So, I’d end up in a 2 hour or so run doing nothing but grinding. Even Persona 3 wasn’t that bad.

I would like to see how the story progresses. The game is growing on me. But the tactical combat is annoying me. I don’t want to take the time to play just to do it and it’s annoying enough that I can’t play longer before getting sick of it.

So, I think I’ll put it aside for now, and restart it later. Which means that I need to return to my list of games, because it turns out that I need another game to play for when I don’t quite feel like returning to the game I’m playing. I still have my CoH subscription, so I’ll probably use that for now. I’ll decide around Christmas which of the games on the list is my new lucky game.


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