Oblivion Oddities …

So, I’ve been playing Oblivion for a little bit now, and a couple of odd things have happened:

1) I’ve somehow managed to fall onto the main storyline. While looking for a shop. I feel like Aragorn.

Now, of course, being on the main storyline is not a good thing, but fortunately after taking my two hapless charges to some mountain temple, they then said that I should go off alone to find some important MacGuffin that the more competent of them had lost. At which point, I wandered into the nearest city and started investigating vampires and tried to join the local guilds. That’s better.

2) My female Breton … doesn’t wear pants. I did this by accident in the early stages of the game — I took off all the armour and equipped better chest armour, but forgot that that wasn’t full armour, and didn’t notice until I figured out how to look at her full figure — and by the time I figured it out decided that I didn’t like how the skirts looked on her, and thought the pantsless look looked more adventurer like. I’ve got her now in a nice little black number that does include a skirt, but when I go back out into the world away will go her pants.

I wonder if that will impact how people react to the character …

But I did manage to play it for about 2 hours today without getting bored. That’s progress. It’s nothing like the all-day sessions of the Personas I’ve done, but then the Personas are much better games [grin].

2 Responses to “Oblivion Oddities …”

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