And the winners are …

The games that I’ll be playing over the next little while and trying to finish are:

The Record of Agarest War Zero

Catherine is an interesting game, but the puzzle sections can be really hard, even on the Ultra Easy mode. I need to make sure that I have a more open-ended period of time to play it in so that I don’t get stuck on a puzzle section and then have to hope and pray to beat it or lose all those lovely extra lives I’ve picked up or end up quitting in frustration right before I have to go to sleep. So it’s a Friday evening/Sunday afternoon thing.

Oblivion is here because I have a vacation coming up, and a long game like that is perfect to play when I can dedicate something like four or more hours a day to it instead of merely two.

So I need something for the times when I’m not playing Catherine and want something that I can play quickly. Right now, I’ll try Record of Agarest War Zero as that game. I’ll also use it should I manage to finish Catherine.

This does break my rule about not playing more than one game at once, but, meh, that wasn’t working anyway [grin].


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