What does “inherently in conflict” mean?

Well, Jerry Coyne is taking the opportunity to go after accommodationists again, but unfortunately only manages to give evidence that he doesn’t really get what a real science/faith incompatibility would really mean:

And what does not “inherently in conflict with a belief in God” mean? Doesn’t that depend on what kind of faith you hold?

If it is possible to have a belief in God or faith (hey, he interchanges the two, not me) that doesn’t conflict with evolution, then belief in God/faith is not inherently in conflict with evolution, by definition. If he concedes that whether or not the two conflict depends on the particulars of that belief or faith, then his incompatibilist argument fails and the accommodationists are at least in all important senses right when they argue that belief in God/faith and science ought to be reconciled to compatible versions.

Why doesn’t Coyne see that?


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