Schedules …

So, I hinted in a previous post that I have to rearrange my schedule to fit in my projects. I meant that literally. Yes, I do indeed keep a basic schedule of what I want to do when, that I try to fill out every week to plan my week out. And I do it only for my personal life, not for my work life.

This is not because I’m an uptight person obsessed with schedule and routine. I like routine, but have always been a bit flexible on schedule. No, the reason I do it is because a few years ago I noticed that I had a lot of things to do but wouldn’t remember that I wanted to do them when the time came. So what would always happen is that I’d be sitting around some evening thinking “What do I want to do?”. And I’d churn over some ideas, reject them, and then finally settle on watching a few DVDs or reading or playing a game or something. And then about an hour later I’d think “Wait, I could’ve done that!”. But, of course, at that point it would be too late to start doing it, so I’d put it off, and so I wouldn’t do things like write stories or essays or anything like that. It was starting to get a bit frustrating.

So creating a schedule allowed for two things:

1) I didn’t forget the things I really wanted to do, as they were written into the schedule for that week.

2) It forced me to explicitly reject doing them. I didn’t hold strictly to my schedule, and ditched things whenever I felt like it, but the schedule forced me to explicitly say “I don’t feel like writing a story today; I think I’ll read or play a game instead” or “I don’t feel like playing Fatal Frame 2 today”, thus putting the onus on me to set priorities and not my memory.

Later, it also gave me the abilty to both split out amounts of time for the various things I want to do that roughly matched their priority and to settle the times when I can conveniently do each activity, as well as providing specific dedicated general times for each priority.

It doesn’t solve my problems, but it kinda works.

And so I have to settle when I’m going to do my various projects so that this can all get done.

5 Responses to “Schedules …”

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    […] Originally I started creating schedules because what would happen is that I’d get some free time and try to think about what I wanted to do, decide that I didn’t feel like doing some of them, start something more frivolous and then remember, too late, that there was something else that I really wanted to do that could have fit into that timeslot. This time that wasn’t what happened. This time I remembered multiple things that I wanted to do and would be willing to do and couldn’t decide between them, which ended up delaying things so long that, well, I didn’t do them. So if I had been able to schedule specific things in there, it would have worked better for me. […]

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    […] Which is exactly why I started making schedules in the first place. […]

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