Shamus on Religion …

I’ve linked to him before about video games and the like, but he’s been talking about his past and here he talks about his and his family’s conversion to religion when he was 10. He wasn’t pushed into it by his mother or parents or family, and in fact his environment was quite anti-religion. But he decided that something about it worked for him.

I like this paragraph:

It’s culture shock, moving between these two groups. I begin comparing them to the fancy “High Church” (large, ornate, highly ceremonial) places I visited when I was younger.

If I had only attended one of these places, I probably would have concluded, “This place is what being a Christian is all about”. But these three points form a plane, and by moving around on that plane I can view Christianity from a lot of different angles and extrapolate a lot of other kinds of churches. I’m able to separate Christian ideas (which I embrace) from Christian culture (which I will soon grow to despise) and lay the groundwork for a lot of the thinking I’ll be doing over the next thirty years. I suppose if I had to choose between the two I’d side with the Wednesday-night folks over the Sunday-morning ones, but I’m not ready to throw my lot in with either one just yet.


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