The DCAU …

I’ve talked a bit before about the DC comics animated universe, but I’ve been watching Teen Titans again and it really strike how good most of those have actually been. Justice League is, in my opinion, the best of the lot, but all of them have their charms. And there are a number of reasons for this.

One is that somehow they managed to get a really good set of voices. Ron Perlman plays a villain in Teen Titans. Michael Ironside is Darkseid in Justice League. And there are a number of other good and famous voices involved in the series. And yet some of the best and most definitive voices are not those of people who are really famous. Kevin Conroy has what I consider to be the definitive Batman voice. Mark Hamill does the Joker’s voice exactly how it should be done, with goofy menace. The voice work, thus, is as good as or better than anything else that’s been done.

But also, the series had a surprising story depth. Teen Titans — aimed at a younger audience — even had some surprisingly involved and deep storyline, with Terra and her betrayal and redemption, Raven’s past, and the whole Slade scenario. Justice League and Batman and Batman Beyond take that up a notch. Teen Titans and Justice League did arcs, while Batman, Superman and Batman Beyond tended to do one shot stories with sequels. But the writing is, again, surprisingly deep.

If you like comics at all, these cartoons deserve a spot on your DVD shelf.


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