Another One Bites the Dust …

I finished Shadow Hearts: Covenant yesterday, meaning that two of the games that I most regretted not finishing are now, in fact, finished. Since I did spend some time running around doing sidequests, the final fight was not hard … and I liked it that way. There’s nothing worse than a frustrating final fight that you have to keep reloading and reloading until you finally beat it, because at that point you’re committed to finishing it almost no matter what — since it’s so close — but the frustration can ruin the ending. You start saying “Finally!” instead of “Yay!”.

Next up are the two Fatal Frames that I never finished, but as puzzle intensive games I need a FAQ on standby.

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    […] finishing or sticking with games. I even dedicated myself to finishing some of them and managed to finish Shadow Hearts: Covenant for a grand total of two games finished this year. Which is better than my previous […]

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