Passing on “The Dawkins Delusion”

I was browsing in a Chapters yesterday, found this book by Alastair McGrath, and passed on it … and the other books of his that were there.  Why?  “The Dawkins Delusion” is about a 100 pages of text before the acknowledgements, sources and notes.  The other one — I think it was “Dawkins’ Dangerous Idea” or something like that — was 150 pages.  I’m sorry, but that’s not a book.   That’s a long essay.  You aren’t likely to be saying anything interesting about a topic in that short a book, and I’m certainly not dishing out $20 for a book that I can read in an hour.

In exchange, I picked up Karen Armstrong’s “The Case for God”, which I didn’t want to read.  But, hey, it was only slightly more expensive and has about 300 pages of text, meaning that even if she doesn’t say anything, at least there’ll be stuff said.

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