My Top Ten Best Female Characters.

The latest Not-So-Casual Commentary is up:

The interesting thing is that, just for fun, I tried thinking about who would be on the list if I listed my top ten best male characters … and couldn’t come up with very many.  Okay, sure, Yuri from Shadow Hearts would be there.  And probably Geddoe from Suikoden III.   But after that it was really difficult to find anyone.  I think the reason for this is that in most Western-style RPGs, the most interesting male character is the main character, but that character is you, and so is set a lot by what you decide and how you want to be.  And so they’re quite generic except for what you bring to the character.  And in JRPGs, the main character might be less generic but then might be less interesting as a character, depending on what you like.

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