No, no panic at all …

So, I’m in the process of applying for a PhD in Philosophy.  I put my application in on Tuesday with a few oddities, but thought everything was okay.  Then, I got an E-mail Thursday morning — sent after midnight that night — saying that my application was incomplete and that I should check what I had to submit.  Now, I knew that transcripts weren’t in yet, but there were some other potential issues.  And it didn’t tell me what was actually missing.

So, after I managed to calm my heart rate, I decided to wait until the evening, since if there was an unexpected issue the admin had said that she’d E-mail me.  So if I got something from her, I’d have to run around trying to get it all straightened out, but if not then … well, I didn’t know what I’d do.

Got home, checked … no E-mail.  But quite spontaneously I decided to check the on-line status of the application to see if it had changed.  It now said that everything had been received and it would be reviewed in a few weeks.

So I was worrying for nothing.

Now, here’s the main question:  knowing that people might get at least slightly panicked over these things — since they’re important — how hard would it be to include in the E-mail what was missing, so that they could know if they needed to worry or do anything?  If the computer can detect that it is incomplete, it can print what’s missing, even if it prints everything with an “OK” or “Missing” beside it.  Instead, I was simply told to check the things I had to hand in, but if I had thought I had left something out I wouldn’t have needed the E-mail in the first place.

And it’s also odd that I never got a mail saying “It’s all okay”.  Surely the system can — and should — send that out.

Sigh.  Well, at least it’s all okay now.  I think.

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