DCUO: much pain, little gain.

So, I picked the game up on Monday, but didn’t have time to do anything with it.  I sat down in the evening on Tuesday and installed it.  That went okay, at least in terms of time.  I then tried to create an account.  My standard id was in use, and I wondered if it might have been by me (I had Star Wars:  Galaxies for a while), but didn’t want to risk it, so I tried to create a new account.  It failed, with the quite descriptive error 1020.  I tried again a few times, and it still didn’t work.  So, in frustration, I decided to try under my standard id.  It used the password I thought it would have used.  But I wasn’t sure it was mine, so I got them to send me a password reset request.  When that went to my E-mail, the account was mine.  Excellent!

So, I have to subscribe.  After a bit of trouble figuring out when and where to put in the access key, I finally got into that.  Filled in the information, made a couple of mistakes, corrected, tried … and it failed.  Tried again, and it finally actually succeeded, though I still have no idea why it failed the first time.  Anyway, it worked without too much effort, and I went on.

Ah, then it had to download patches.  Fair enough.  I think it took, though, a couple of hours and my machine and connection aren’t exactly slow, and so that ended when it was time to go to sleep.  Ah, well, I’ll pick it up the next day.

So, last night, I settle in to play.  Log in, press the “Play” option, game starts … and dies, complaining that it can’t find dx3dsl10.dll or something like that.  It recommends I reinstall the game.  I try a couple more times, reboot, and it still has the same problem.  I’m on Windows 7, but I’m not sure that should matter.  I don’t have time to reinstall, so I quit for the night in frustration.

So far, not so good.

EDIT:  Looking at the specs, they do recommend having XP.  So that might be an issue.  I’ll have to see if I can find a fix for it.  Oddly, I’ve found this sort of problem before, with Star Trek:  Birth of the Federation, where later OSes didn’t have a system file the system required.  So it worked for me, but not for a friend of mine, and when I upgraded my OS it stopped working for me.

However, I just did a search and it looks like the error is happening to others, but it’s not really one that’s been solved.  The file is d3dx10_41.dll.  I found a recommendation to reinstall. I am not amused … in any sense of the word.

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