Break update …

So, I’ve been on break for the past, well, almost two weeks because of the fact that my employer says that I lose my vacation if I don’t use it in a calendar year and for me there’s really no other time to take it, so as a matter of public interest — and to guilt myself into doing more — I’m going to see where I am on what I wanted to do.

I got my essay for my course finished and handed in.  I handed it in almost a week later than I had originally planned, but that was when the deadline actually was, so that seems reasonably responsible.

I did manage to get downtown and pick up some new Christmas CDs and a few other things.  The downtown shopping run, though, didn’t feel as important now that I’m down there every week anyway.  Why buy new CDs or board games when I’m not going to play them over my break anyway?

I was intending on working on some minor programs on my break, but, well, that just didn’t happen.  In no small part because the things I wanted to program I didn’t need or want to program anymore, at least right now.

I also wanted to play some of the old games that I managed to find on emulators, and that didn’t happen either.

I was supposed to watch Babylon 5 and Deep Space 9 on my break.  I was hoping to finish Babylon 5 by after New Year’s, but I’m behind on that.  I’m only about half-way through Season 2 in almost two weeks.  I was hoping to finish Deep Space 9 by the end of, well, today and I’m close, but it took a lot of effort to make it that far.  How in the world did I manage to get into the situation where on my break I didn’t watch enough TV?

I did manage to write out that thing on consciousness and so actually add some content to this blog.  I should have added more, but then again a lot of my time was spent on my essay, which is out of the way.  Time to get back into more writing.

So far, not too bad.  If the biggest things I’m missing are things that I was supposed to do for fun, then that’s okay:  vacations are supposed to be about choosing what fun things you do and what you don’t.  I did a lot of reading so far, so that’s enough for me.


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