Where have all the good games gone?

So, I posted before about my not being able to find a game for the Wii that I wanted to play.  Now that I have a new PC, I looked on Gamefaqs to see if there were any games that I wanted to get for the PC.  And I couldn’t find any, either.  The latest Disciples is supposedly not very good, nor is the similar game from Stardock.  Nothing else seemed appealing.  And I already bought Mass Effect 2 (which I am currently happily not playing).

I did get City of Heroes:  Going Rogue … but that game is a bit disappointing.  I still like CoH/CoV, but GR so far is a bit “meh”.

Am I going to have to go to review sites to find the games that I really should want to play?  Fallout 3 doesn’t seem like the game for me, but what other RPGs are good?  Or turn-based strategy?

It looks like the categories of games that I used to like have shrunk, at least in terms of shelf space.  So, how do I find them now?

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