Parodies ruin your life …

So, last night I was listening to music and reading, and the song “Hip to be Square” by Huey Lewis and the News came on. Now, a number of years back the Royal Canadian Air Farce did a radio show on CBC radio, and one of the skits they did was “The Guelph Songbook”, where they took songs and altered them to mention Guelph (which, I think, is where they were recording at the time). One of the songs they did was … “Hip to be Square”, which they translated to “It’s hip to be [in Guelph]”.

So, now, every time I hear that song, I automatically replace “square” with “in Guelph”. And I like Huey Lewis and the News, so I hear it a bit when I listen to the CDs.  But that’s not bad; at least it adds some entertainment.

This one adds more entertainment, but is worse.  Take this comic from DM of the Rings:

Now every single time I see that scene, guess what I immediately think — and say — when it comes to that part?

But this case is the worst.  I first heard this on a local radio station about the time that Marv Albert was getting into trouble, and it wasn’t the Weird Al version:

So, now, every time I hear the song “Winter Wonderland”, guess what I think?  And that song is ubiquitous around Christmas. It’s on every Christmas CD, played to death on the radio and in stores.  God help me if it gets stuck in my head, like it always does.

So, parodies ruined my life.  And now that I’ve displayed them here, they’ll ruin yours, too.

You’re welcome.

One Response to “Parodies ruin your life …”

  1. Bruh Says:

    Just wait till you see “It’s Hip To Fuck Bees”

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