Back to City of Heroes, and Going Rogue …

Well, now that I have a system that can play CoH/CoV without my doing the stutter step every few seconds, I’ve resubbed.  And bought “Going Rogue”.  And last night — when I probably should have been doing other things — I started a character in Praetoria.

Before I get into what I saw, let me tell you my plan.   I want to play both the Loyalist and Resistance sides, and so need characters that will let me explore those sides in character.  Since I often work best with characters that originated somewhere else, I’m basically translating Corran Horn and Kyp Durron from the Star Wars EU into the world.  Corran’s my Loyalist and Kyp’s my Resistance person.  I’m going to walk through their stories and see if anything in the stories makes me want to switch their sides.  They’re perfect characters for that since in the books they did have traits what would make them choose the sides they started on but that they might switch:  Corran was a dedicated law officer who hated the Rebels, but did join the Alliance and hated the Empire, and Kyp was always a bit of a maverick but one that was still dedicated (more or less) to the light.  It’ll be fun to see how it works out.

I started Corran last night (I’m not using the real name, though; it’s Captain Halcyon in game) as a Dual Pistols/Mind Manipiulation Blaster.  I plan to start Kyp tonight or tomorrow night (no name yet) as a Dual Blades/Willpower Stalker.

First impressions?  I’ve hit level 5, and there are story choices and story in the game.  Corran’s walking the Protection side, and I’m about to start that quest line.  One gripe that I have is that you choose whether to be on the side of the Loyalists or Resistance in the middle of the first mission … before your character really knows anything about either side yet.  It would have been better to make the character selection for a Praetorian to be to choose a side, and then play through the first mission with no choice.  That way, you build a character with an idea of where you want them to go, and then see how it works.  As it is, the choice seems artificial, as since you have no information it’s basically what you decided at character creation anyway, shoehorned into the game.

But Dual Pistols is a fun set, and so far I’m having fun.  And Praetoria is very pretty.

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