To all the PC games I’ve ditched before …

To all the games I’ve ditched before,
That now sit on my closet floor,
Was sad to move along,
I dedicate this song,
To all the games I’ve ditched before.

And now, the PC games that I’ve left behind.  I’ve had a PC longer than the PS2, so there should be more of them, but the PS2 games seem to be fresher in my mind, so the list here probably won’t be as long.

Baldur’s Gate 2 doesn’t make the list, because that was a case where we got together for a short meeting over coffee, had a good time, and swore we’d do it again … and then never picked up the phone to call each other.  Every so often, I find the number and think: “Hmmm, maybe I should call.  Ah, but I’m too busy at the moment” and move on.

And I don’t regret tossing Baldur’s Gate.  I wish I hadn’t given it as many chances as I did.

Icewind Dale, though, counts.  It seems right up my alley, and I was very interested in it.  Spent hours with it.  I keep coming back to it occasionally.  But it gets caught by my wandering eye, and I’ll be so far into it when something else will seem more shiny and I’ll move on to it.  I start over every so often, but never seal the deal.

Icewind Dale 2 is kinda like Icewind Dale, only I’m not quite as fond of it.  I end up feeling like I have to be something I’m not — um, how in the world can you expect a level 1 party to act like an elite commando unit? — and so that grates a bit without level upgrades.  Which I’m more than willing to do, but IWD2 is a bunch of good ideas that don’t quite work out.  I return to it more often because it allows class combinations that IWD doesn’t … but it’s always more annoying than IWD.

Wizardry 8 is one game where I can get distracted by it and have it break up my run.  It’s just so easy to be so many different things with it, because of its large set of classes and races and even voices.  It’s easy to create differentiated parties (I’ve done The Order of the Stick and Angel and some others easily) and it’s fun taking them through the first part of the story.  But, later, once it settles in to the familar refrain after Trenton of “Walk around and fight things and walk and fight” they all wear thin.  Basically, it slides too quickly into the old familiar territory and you yearn for the days of the Monastery … but it’s too easy to just go back and start over differently.  I can’t imagine ever finishing this game unless I go insane on it at some point.

The Fallouts both are games that I get inspired to play, load, and then rarely get far into because they end up boring me.  For a while, I couldn’t get past the initial stages.  I just recently got past the initial stage in Fallout (I think) … and then excited without really saving, figuring I’ll start over later.  Planescape: Torment has the exact same problem; I might have made it out of the initial starting area once.  I wanted to try it with a mage to see if that would be more fun … and then couldn’t.  I regret not playing them and they sound like they’d be great games if I could only muster up the interest to play them long enough to enjoy them.  Basically, they drag me in with all sorts of promises, but when we actually go out they can’t keep up a conversation long enough to keep me interested.   (And yes, I am aware of that statement being odd when applied to Torment and its massive text conversations [grin]).

There are games that I’ve bought but never played, usually on the advice of a friend who says that it’s really cool.  The Transformers game from the first movie is a prime example; bought it even though it wasn’t really my type, and then never really gave it a chance.  And there are some others.  The lesson there might be:  no more letting my friends set me up with games that I’m pretty sure I won’t like.

Next up will be the games from the Amiga, Commodore 64, TRS-80 and even Atari 2600 that I never finished and now really, really, really regret not finishing or being able to play.  This is probably the longest list and also probably has the ones that I regret the most.

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