Wii Fit Plus after 5 days …

So, I’ve been playing around with Wii Fit Plus for the past five days.  So far, it’s not bad.

It certainly seems to be streamlined from Wii Fit in terms of redoing an activity once it’s finished.  All you have to do is wait for the little TV to record your time and calories, and then hit “Retry”, and voila.  That’s what got me trying the Ski Jump game about 7 times already, even though I haven’t even taken off once.  I’m still confused about what “Extend your knees!” means; it seems to be based too much on both timing and a precise body movement, and I don’t think I’ve managed either.  That’s enough to get me to drop an activity that I might have enjoyed.

I also tried the snowboarding and skiing, but they have similar problems.  I’d say it’s a problem with my balance, but my balance isn’t all that bad.  But it seems to have a similar problem to the soccer ball heading activity; real-life suggests that you should move something else (head or upper body) while the board best tracks lower body.  That clash means that if I don’t constantly pay attention to the game mechanics, I screw up.

I’m now doing pretty well on the soccer ball heading, though.  At least I’m an amateur [grin].

The preset Wii Plus routines aren’t bad.  I like the Relax one, and just tried the Tummy one, and they work out nicely.  You get one or two Yoga or Strength routines, and then one of the Balance or Aerobics ones to round it out (and have a little fun).

About the only problem is that when creating your own routine, you can’t put one of the games or even one of the pre-built routines into, meaning that you can’t build a routine to have the same sort of style as they did.

The trainer is a lot friendlier than the board, and is far more encouraging.  The board seems almost snarky at times.  This is even worse when it’s being snarky your first time through a test or activity, when you’re still learning how it all works.  It should comment a lot less the first couple of weeks, in my opinion, unless it’s being encouraging.

BTW, the Wii Fit age, at least for me, seems tightly tied to weight.  Which kinda makes the whole thing pointless, and I’m starting to ignore it.

That being said, it’s pretty easy to do at least a Body Test every day, and the variety of exercises and routines does let you work on things that you might not be able to easily work on on your own.  So far, it seems worth it and seems like I’ll use it fairly frequently.

2 Responses to “Wii Fit Plus after 5 days …”

  1. Howard Calise Says:

    I wish microsoft would put the iplayer on the xbox 360 like sony and nintendo have on the ps3 and the Wii. Then the xbox would be the perfect console, especially with all the exclusive releases, i mean i dont even mind that you have to pay for the online. You can download demos and stuff for free which is cool and i use it chat to my mates a lot so i save money on a phone bill!

  2. No More Wii … | The Verbose Stoic Says:

    […] over six years ago I bought a Wii. And recently, I took it off of my main TV and stuff it into a closet, where it likely will never be […]

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