Sakura Wars: I kept my promise …

I finished Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love last night … about a half-an-hour before I was going to turn in for the night.  Thus, not only have I added another game to the list of games that I’ve actually finished once, I kept my promise to finish the game over the Canada Day long weekend.

It wasn’t looking promising.  I managed to get past the battle that I had been stuck in, but then got a bit stuck in another battle.  I finally managed to get past that … but then hit the next mission and found that a bit challenging.  In that case, the walkthrough helped, and I managed to get past it … to the next fight.  Which I lost a couple of times before finally beating.  At that point, it was getting late — for me, at least — and I was wondering if I should try it, since I figured I’d lose at least one more time before beating it.  But the last battle wasn’t all that hard, and I beat it the first time through without losing anyone.

So, finally finished.  Now I can move on to Rogue Galaxy …

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