Baldur’s Gate II …

Okay, so I have a confession to make: I hated Baldur’s Gate.  I started it the way they expected me to, played it a little ways in … and quit.   Part of this was because I prefer my D&D to let me create all my party members, and it didn’t let me.  So, I heard about the multiplayer “hack” where you could play on Serial and create your own party, tried it … and quit again.  This time, it was too easy to get the whole party killed since we were all low-level.

Meanwhile, I was really liking Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale 2, even though the latter was a little incongruent between your character level — starting at 1 — and what you did and were supposed to do.  In IWD, that you’d be an inexperienced party looking to join an expedition made sense, and that you end up being the only ones to make it through makes it make sense that you go around doing what you do.   But you come to a war zone in IWD2, and very quickly become an elite commando unit.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense, really.

Anyway, moving on from that digression, obviously I never picked up Baldur’s Gate II, because I couldn’t stand the first one.  And now, I have it, because someone sold a used copy cheap and I thought I’d give it a try.  So I’ll give it a try.

I’ve decided to do a hybrid: I’m going to create two party members in multiplayer, and fill in the rest as I go along.  Ideally, I’ve decided (by looking through the FAQs at Gamefaqs) that these party members are the ones that I want to ultimately have in my party most of the time, or at least for as much as I can.  Note that the restrictions were that I didn’t want any Evil characters in the party, and then it was based on what I thought of the characters.  So, I want:

  1. Minsc (I wanted a fighter from the start, and he’s known for being entertaining).
  2. Jan/Imoen (I needed a thief or a mage, and Imoen is an important character, so I think I should keep her).
  3. Mazzy
  4. Valygar

This did leave me heavy on fighters, but these were the ones that I thought would be interesting just by reading brief descriptions of them in a FAQ.  It may not work out that way, but I’ll try it anyway.

This leaves me with two more slots.  I really need a Cleric, since I didn’t like any of the Druid/Cleric options all that much (I can see right away that Jaheira will irritate me).  And having a mage or thief would be the next option, since I have one person (Jan -> Imoen) covering both.  The FAQ says that Imoen’s a good enough thief, so I’ll take a mage, then.

So, I’m going to create a pair: a male Cleric of Helm and a female Wild Mage.  The cleric of Helm is the protector of the somewhat precocious Wild Mage (she’ll be younger, he’ll be a bit older, but likely not by much).  So that fits, and Wild Mage looks like a very interesting class to play.

So, I’ll see how this works out.  If anyone has any other suggestions or criticisms of this plan, feel free to comment and let me know.

Note that I do plan to play on “Easy”, just so that combat difficulty doesn’t cause me to quit the game.

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