Now, I know how they feel …

So, for a long time I’ve been pondering this, and today seems like a good day to post it.  I used to wonder, when I posted on groups, why so many people reacted so strongly and so angrily and aggressively to some comments.  Why couldn’t they just, you know, be civil?  Why did they have to lambaste people as being stupid or idiots for making an argument or a comment?  Why did they seem so frustrated?

Over the years, I think I’ve finally ended up in the same position as some of them, and now I understand why, with the recent realization that _I_ get that frustrated now, too … because they keep tossing out arguments that I’ve heard before, dealt with, and still have to deal with.  So, then, you get frustrated at having to say the same things over and over again, and that bleeds into your replies.

And that’s a bad thing.  I now have more sympathy for the people who have such strong reactions, and now know that I have to work on my own reactions to those sorts of arguments.

Probably do wonders for my blood pressure if I can do that [grin].

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