102 reasons why I’m not anxious to get a PS3 …

On gamefaqs.com, there are 102 console-style RPGs listed for the PS2.

There are 17 listed for the PS3, which includes released and under development.

Okay, okay, a lot of those 102 might be Japan only or duplicate versions of the same thing, and the PS2’s been around longer, but still … 17.  Considering that some of the console-style RPGs that are out there I won’t play or aren’t really that sort, this is pretty bad.

The Xbox 360 actually has more listed — 23 — although a lot of them are the same as those on the PS3.

The Wii has 24.

Yeah, none of the new consoles so far seems to have a good selection of console-style RPGs.  Which are what I use the console for.

When you start looking at other categories there, the PS3 has 26 Action-RPGs — which I don’t care much for — and 8 PC-style RPGs.  Well, at least they haven’t gone PC on me.

The Xbox 360 has  38 Action-RPGs and the same number of PC-style.  So it just has more RPGs in general.  Interesting.  The numbers are still to low for me to get that system.

The Wii has 34 Action-RPGs and no PC-style RPGs.

So, I guess it really could just be time, and time will give me more of the RPG gameplay that I’m looking for.

Guess I’ll just have to sit on my wallet for a bit longer …

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